The Role of Algebra in Math Reform

We’ve written in the past about the educational community’s concerns about American students’ troubles with math and science.  Less understanding of these subjects today means fewer experts in STEM fields in the future, which could have long-term effects on the United States as a whole.

Frances R. Spielhagen’s recent book, The Algebra Solution to Mathematics Reform: Completing the Equation, offers an elegant solution to a compelling problem in American society that has global implications: Who should study algebra and when?   Spielhagen argues that preparing students to learn algebra by 8th grade is as much a right as learning to read.

Preview the table of contents!

If you are wondering about a student’s readiness for algebra and/or pre-algebra, consider the Belin-Blank Center’s new website, IDEAL Solutions® for Math Acceleration.  This web-based program uses information about a student to generate a report that can help you match your student’s capabilities with a course of action that will maximize his or her potential.

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