B-BC in Journal of Applied School Psychology

Psychologists working in the schools have another resource to use in their work to impact in new and exciting ways the services they provide to high ability students. A recent special issue of the Journal of Applied School Psychology (edited by Megan Foley Nicpon of the Belin-Blank Center and Steve Pfeiffer, Professor of School Psychology at Florida State University) exposes school psychologists to current paradigms within the gifted education field.  The purpose of the special issue, School Psychologists Serving the Gifted, was to facilitate increased communication and efforts to integrate services that benefit all children, including those with high ability and unique talents.

One of the influential articles within the journal was written by two Belin-Blank Center professionals: Susan Assouline, Associate Director, and Claire Whiteman, Licensed Psychologist and Clinic Supervisor. Their seminal article, Twice-Exceptionality: Implications for school psychologists in the post-IDEA 2004 era, emphasized school psychologists’ need to understand twice-exceptionality within the context of RtI and other current educational assessment and intervention techniques. This article, as well as the others within the special edition, is intended to influence how school psychologists conceptualize gifted education and twice-exceptionality.

Scholars from the Belin-Blank Center will continue to publish on these important issues in gifted education outlets as well as those from related fields, such as school psychology, to increase communication and collaboration to meet the needs of all gifted students.

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