Jack Kent Cooke Grant Provides Scholarships for Twice-Exceptional Students

Through a generous grant from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (JKC), twice-exceptional students (high-ability students with a learning, behavior, or social-emotional disability) will have greater access to the Center’s summer programs.

There are two sessions of commuter programs for students in grades 2-6 that are two weeks in duration.  Examples of classes to be offered in 2012 include: Chemistry Exploration; Introduction to Advanced Math, A Writer’s Journey Via Memoir; Introduction to Geology, Paleontology, and Archeology. The Center also offers residential programs for students in grades 6-11.  The majority of these programs are one-week; however, we do have one highly selective program that is an intensive 6-week course in research and designed exclusively for highly-able high school science students.

JKC contacted the Center because we are home to the National Institute for Twice-Exceptionality (NITE). Founded in 2010-2011, NITE is a national resource for gifted twice-exceptional students.

In addition to the scholarships for twice-exceptional students, the grant will support professional training opportunities for pre-service psychologists and educators, practicing psychologists and educators, and parents who interact with gifted students who are twice-exceptional.  The grant will also allow us to update and maintain an electronic clearinghouse of resources on about twice-exceptionality.

This new grant will provide scholarships for twice-exceptional students to participate in enrichment programming at the Belin-Blank Center. Each year, the Belin Blank Center offers myriad academic programs and courses for students serving nearly 1,000 students per year. Since 1988, the Center has provided summer programming, offering a variety of courses for students in grades 2-11.

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