Welcome to Belin-Blank Center’s Newest Administrators!

We are delighted to introduce two new, yet familiar faces, to our students and parents:  Dr. Kate Degner and Ms. Lori Ihrig.

Having just recently completed her doctorate in math education, Dr. Kate Degner will be picking up where she left off last summer. In 2011, the Belin-Blank Center’s programming included the  Secondary Student Training Program (SSTP) and Dr. Degner was heavily involved in the coordination of the program.  This summer, she will serve as the primary administrator for the program aspect of SSTP.

Dr. Degner earned her PhD from the University of Iowa in the area of Curriculum and Supervision and Mathematics Education during the spring of 2012.  She is particularly interested in the upper level mathematics course taking decisions of middle and high school students.

Ms. Lori Ihrig, who is nearing completion of her doctorate in science education, has been an instructor in Belin-Blank Center programs for a number of years.  This summer, she will coordinate the programming aspects of all of our student summer programs except our international programs and SSTP.  This means that she will be working with the instructors for all of our classes.  She will be the main curriculum and instructional administrator for dozens of classes for elementary, junior, and high school students.

Ms. Ihrig earned her BS and MS in Science Education from the University of Iowa. She was a junior high and high school teacher in Williamsburg, Iowa and a science curriculum writer at ACT, Inc. Her work with the Belin-Blank Center includes teaching for the Iowa Excellence Program, JSI, and WINGS. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate at Iowa State University. While at ISU she is working as a research assistant on a Howard Hughes Medical Institute grant to retool science labs and preparing future elementary teachers to effectively teach science.

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