Summer Workshops for Teachers

Join us for workshops in gifted education through the Belin-Blank Center and the UI College of Education over the next two months!  We have FIVE new workshops this summer, and whether you are new to gifted education, working on your endorsement, or have been in the field for years, there is a workshop that is right for you.

You can find the complete schedule at, and the online courses are listed first.

In brief, these are the June workshops in the Programming strand:

  • On June 7 -8, we are offering Science for High-Ability Students.  This workshop is particularly helpful for those who know that some of their students are especially interested in science.  Perhaps your district doesn’t have enriched or accelerated options in science, however, and you need ideas for things that the district CAN do to support these students in one of the central STEM areas!  Those who take this workshop do NOT need to have a background in science; Lori Ihrig will be teaching this workshop and will ensure that you understand the issues in “science for high-ability students!”
  • On June 18, 19, and 20, Dr. Kristine Milburn will offer Programming and Curriculum for High-Ability Students:  Solving Real-World Problems.  Designed to help you involve students in both problem FINDING and problem solving, using a variety of different strategies, this workshop helps you envision positioning your students as individuals who can take responsibility for the issues in their world!
  • On June 21 – 22, Dr. Toni Szymanski will be offering one of our NEW workshops:  Special Topics:  Multiplayer Game Strategies for Teaching!   You’ve probably noticed that your students can dedicate hours and hours to *games*; educators are learning to take advantage of what it is that motivates students to engage with games-and to apply those same strategies to learning.  This is one of the hottest topics in education today, and Dr. Szymanski will help you understand the principles and “rules of the game” to take advantage of teaching through these innovative strategies.
  • On June 25 – 26, we continue with one of the foundations of gifted education:  Differentiated Instruction!  Nancy Grimes will emphasize the needs of GIFTED learners in this exploration of differentiation.  Although the concept came from the field of gifted education, too many presentations about differentiation have forgotten the needs of high-ability learners-and how to meet those needs.  This is at the core of our “best practices” in gifted education.
  • On June 27 – 28, Nancy Grimes will offer another of our NEW workshops this summer.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve not had this important workshop available in the past-but join us this summer for Special Topics:  Curriculum Compacting.  This comprehensive workshop will help you feel confident in implementing this essential strategy:  determining WHAT learners already know and HOW to let them use their time to learn something NEW each day in your class!

You can find information about getting enrolled at  All workshops are offered through our Center for Credit Programs, so you do NOT need to apply for admission to the University of Iowa.  You may enroll for any of these workshops as either a graduate student ($440 per semester hour) OR as an undergraduate student ($280 per semester hour).  Your transcript will reflect “undergraduate” status if that makes a difference to your school district.

Questions? Contact Dr. Laurie Croft.

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