Summer Psychology Workshops for Teachers

In addition to the workshops we highlighted last week, this June will also bring workshops in the Psychology strand:

  • The FIRST workshop of the summer is Advanced Seminar: Recruitment and Retention of Underserved Students, offered by Dr. Malik Henfield.  This is an ONLINE workshop, available to you from June 6 – 27, and you work at your own pace.  This workshop goes beyond Ethnic and Cultural Issues in Giftedness, but it does NOT have a prerequisite!  If you have growing diversity in your district, this is a workshop for you!  Reports routinely find more diverse students in special education, and not enough in our gifted programs:  this workshop can assist you in understanding how to recruit and retain traditionally underserved students.
  • On June 11, 12, and 13, Dr. Ginny Maurer is offering one of our NEW workshops for this summer: Special Topics: Bibliotherapy for the Gifted.  This has been a topic of interest to many educators for years:  what literature (and movies, considering videotherapy) emphasizes gifted protagonists?  How can using literature/movies help gifted students understand themselves better and perhaps deal with some of the issues in their lives?
  • On June 14 – 15, Dr. Volker Thomas will teach Family Issues and Giftedness.  This is a workshop that the Center has made available for many years because of its importance in serving our gifted learners in the contexts of their larger families.  When your students are identified as “gifted,” what issues emerge in the family?  How can you best work with parents to achieve the best results for your students?
  • June offers one more ONLINE workshop, and it is also part of the Psychology strand:  Dr. Ginny Maurer will offer Gender Issues and Giftedness from June 18 – July 9.  Although this class does require logging in and participating each week, it does NOT require any specific days or times for participation.  The content helps you address some of the varied needs of gifted girls and gifted boys in various content areas.

Information about enrolling is available here:

More information about July opportunities coming soon!

Print a nifty calendar of our summer workshops.

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