International Week of the Gifted

Dr. Nicholas ColangeloThere have been exciting changes in gifted education over the past three decades.  I personally think one of the most exciting by far has been the continued growth and energy in the international area.  Giftedness has become a stronger international concept–the pronunciations vary but the concept remains steadfast–identifying and programming for students of exceptional academic and artistic strengths.  Such students are truly a global phenomenon and resource.

The International Week of the Gifted recognizes and celebrates our international ties.  The symbolic kite is appropriate because a kite flies past boundaries and will stay in the air as long as those of us  on the ground do our work.  Let us do our work on behalf of the world’s gifted students and let us keep the “kite” flying across borders.  Nick

2 responses to “International Week of the Gifted

  1. Nick, Just a note to say thank you so much for your words and for *getting* what the Kite analogy is… your one of the wise ones, and an inspiration Les

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