After 20 Years of Searching for Talent, What’s New in BESTS?

New for 2012-2013

  1. Parents who register their child for BESTS through the traditional system of registration and testing (on one of ACT’s national testing days) will receive an automatic $60 rebate on the cost of a Belin-Blank summer program.
  2. Did you know that the Belin-Blank Center (in partnership with the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Talented Elementary Students [C-MITES]) pioneered in 1992 the use of EXPLORE, an 8th grade test, as an a talent search instrument for  4th-6thgraders?
    • This year, we have developed a new twist on the traditional approach to testing elementary students: in-school testing.  Through in-school testing (available only for EXPLORE) teachers have access to a flexible way to identify the students most in need of accelerated coursework.  Testing dates are arranged with the Belin-Blank Center.
    • For Iowa Schools only, the Belin-Blank Center is piloting school partnerships that will cover the costs of the administration of the EXPLORE for in-school testing for 6th graders. The grant that provides payment for EXPLORE is limited.  This will be on a first response, first reviewed basis until all funding is used or by December 1st. Consider sharing this information with your elementary or middle school colleagues.  Contact Dr. Susan Assouline to discuss partnerships and opportunities.
  3. Both traditional registrations and in-school testers will receive our re-designed comprehensive interpretation of above-level test scores.

For more information on all of our programs go to:

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