News From The National Consortium of Early College Entrance Programs

The National Consortium of Early College Entrance Programs (NCECEP) recently met in Seattle, October 24-26.  The meeting was hosted by the Robinson Center for Young Scholars, at the University of Washington.  Ten programs currently make up the consortium:

  • Advanced Academy of Georgia at University of West Georgia
  • Bard College at Simon’s Rock
  • Boston University Academy of Boston University
  • The Clarkson School, Clarkson University
  • The Early College at Guilford College
  • Early College at Mary Baldwin, Program for the Exceptionally Gifted
  • Early Entrance Program California State University, Los Angeles
  • Robinson Center for Young Scholars, University of Washington
  • The National Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering at The University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center
  • Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science at the University of North Texas

Jan Warren, Student Program Administrator at the Belin-Blank Center, attended the meeting on behalf of the National Academy of Arts, Science, and Engineering (NAASE).  NAASE is the Belin-Blank Center’s early-entrance to college program and it has been tremendously successful since its founding in 1999.

NAASE is an opportunity for high achieving students to enroll at The University of Iowa after their junior year in high school. Through the NAASE program, The University of Iowa and the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education strive to provide:

  • Opportunity for students who are academically ready to begin their college studies
  • Community for bright and motivated young scholars
  • Support and guidance from the professional staff of the Belin-Blank Center

“NAASE allows high achieving students an opportunity to move forward and learn in an environment that is stimulating and supportive,” says Jan Warren.  “Parents also appreciate the structure and support their children receive as part of the program.  While other early-entrance programs around the country vary somewhat from NAASE in logistics, they all allow students to learn, grow, and develop at a pace that is comfortable to them.”

If you know of someone who might be interested in beginning their college studies early, go to

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