In Memoriam

 Jocelyn Marshall Wallace

October 8, 1928 – October 26, 2012

Jocelyn Marshall Wallace was born in Madras, India, and spent her formative years in India, Arizona, and New York.   Her early life experiences shaped her caring for the environment and her deep compassion for others.  She entered Syracuse University at the age of 15, and so experienced, first-hand, some of the issues facing gifted students in schools and the benefits of acceleration.

Jocelyn, with her husband, H.B. Wallace, had a tremendous impact on the growth and development of the Belin-Blank Center.  Their remarkable generosity and vision made possible the H.B. and Jocelyn Wallace Research Symposium on Gifted Education and Talent Development, the Wallace Assessment and Counseling Clinic, the Wallace Rural Schools Programs, and Jocelyn’s special project–the Belin-Blank Recognition Ceremony.  She was very happy that the Recognition Ceremony became a major event to publicly honor outstanding students, teachers, and schools.

Jocelyn’s presence is everywhere in the Belin-Blank Center, and we will continue to do all the things that honor and recognize her vision and generosity.  I got to know Jocelyn and H.B. very well.  I spent time at their home on several occasions, and Jocelyn spent several days with Kay and me at our home.

Jocelyn was a woman who cared about her family.  She had a wonderful heart.  We will continue to honor her and her family.  We are proud to have her name and her touch on the Belin-Blank Center.

Nicholas Colangelo, Director, The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development

Myron and Jacqueline Blank Professor of Gifted Education

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