On Being Twice-Exceptional


by Allison Hartman

I am Special.

I am one of

300,000 people

who are just like me,

but not like me.

We are each Unique and

Similar, in our own Special


Every single person

who is one of these

300,000 people.

But it seems next to none

of us can Speak.

But I can, which is why

I will raise my Voice

and Shout to the very

Skies Above

“These are the

300,000 people

who haven’t been Seen

who haven’t been Heard

who haven’t been Believed


We are one person

But we are also

300,000 people

wanting to Speak Up

but never knowing How.

But I have Learned.

I have Struggled

and Fought

and Shouted to the very

Skies Above

because this is my Message.

I am Special.

I am one of

300,000 people

who will not wait Quietly

Any More.

We will demand to be Seen

to be Heard

to be Believed


Listen to Me

and Listen to Them.

Because we are

300,000 people

who will Never

Back Down.

Not when we are

So Close.

We may seem Small to you

but we are Large in our Minds

and our Minds will Fuel

this next Generation.

Because the

300,000 people

are not Hiding

in the Shadows

Any More.

So Hear our Voices

See our Struggles

Believe In our Hopes

Believe In our Dreams.

We are

300,000 people

and we WILL change




Allison Hartman is a twice-exceptional student from Muscatine, Iowa, currently a high school senior.  She is proud to be twice-exceptional and very passionate about advocating for twice-exceptionality.

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