Develop Your Skills This Summer!

It’s never too early to think about your summer vacation—and your summer workshops to help you be even more effective next year with gifted and talented learners!  Although the University of Iowa does not open summer registration until later in April, you can start planning with our summer calendar.

We have seven online classes and workshops from June through August, and ten face-to-face workshops in June and July; a 2-semester-hour credit is available for those who participate in the Advanced Placement Teacher Training Institute (APTTI).  The online workshops are scheduled over three weeks, and the face-to-face workshops are scheduled for either two or three days on campus, with time online to share and “workshop” products to use with students and schools next year.  New workshops this year include Writing for High-Ability Learners and Social Studies for High-Ability Learners with an emphasis on introducing students to Cemetery History (more information on these workshops soon!).

Six of the summer classes/workshops apply to the Psychology of Giftedness strand for the Talented and Gifted Endorsement, eight apply to Programming for the Gifted, and two fulfill the requirement in the Administrative strand.  One online workshop, Current Readings and Research in Gifted Education, can apply to different strands, based on participant choice of readings.  The credit for APTTI applies to the Programming strand.

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