Response to Boston Marathon Bombings

Our deepest condolences go out to the families and loved ones affected by the senseless bombings at the Boston Marathon. It is difficult for many of us, our children included, to try to make sense of events such as these, where innocent lives are taken or irrevocably altered. It is especially difficult when we see the loss of a child. Gifted children can show a heightened sensitivity to these types of issues due to an interest in following current events and a strong sense of fairness and justice. As others have wisely noted, now may be an opportune time to reflect on the good in the world—the acts of kindness, heroism, and compassion that we see occurring in response to tragedy. These are the true faces of humanity that we should value, nurture, and encourage in our society.

There are several resources available to assist parents in answering the questions posed by their children and to help them cope with tragedy and trauma:

We hope that you find these resources helpful. If you have concerns about a child’s response to these events, please contact an appropriate mental health professional, either through the child’s school or in the community, for support and guidance.

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