Impressive Innovations at Invent Iowa

The Invent Iowa State Scholarship Competition was this weekend – check out  the incredible inventions by Iowa students!

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2013 College of Engineering- University of Iowa, Iowa State University Scholarship Winners (in no particular order):

  • Clayton Nurre and Griffin Maloney – Cleat Cleaner
  • Avery Tauke and Connor Mullis – EZ Hookup
  • Maria Hendrickson – Hold Your Horses
  • Alexandra Poremba – Ocean Breathe
  • Caylee Will, Jayden Cavanaugh, Allison Ryan, Madison Davis, Anna Ford, Hannah Dunlop, Addison Smith, Leah Pitts, Meredith Ellis – The Walk’n’Wheel
  • Zeke Mynsma and Calvin Moulton – Toilet Bacteria Blocker

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