Professional Development in Gifted Education this Summer!

Dr. Laurie Croft, Administrator, Professional Development

There are some GREAT professional development opportunities this summer, offered through a partnership between the Belin-Blank Center and the University of Iowa College of Education! You can find the complete schedule for the summer here. The schedule is organized by June On Campus, then June Online, followed by July On Campus, and July and August Online. Each workshop indicates the strand (for the State of Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement) that it fulfills.

If it has been a while since you took something through the Center, you would likely need to update your “UI record” through our Center for Continuing Education. You are a NON-DEGREE-SEEKING student. You can decide if you want to enroll this summer as a graduate student (tuition is $452 per credit hour)-OR if you want to enroll as an undergraduate (tuition is still $280 per credit hour).

We provide a memo in every workshop that explains these ARE graduate-level workshops, but that a “loophole” allows teachers to enroll through Continuing Education as an “undergraduate,” saving them significant tuition dollars. You should check to be sure your district is OK with your transcript noting “Undergraduate” by any workshops taken with that status.

I know we’ll see many teachers who are working on the endorsements this summer. But this is an important summer: our *25th* anniversary as the Belin-Blank Center. We hope many of you who have your endorsements return to take something new to you this summer and enjoy a few days on campus with us. Or encourage a general education colleague to learn something new this summer about some of their high-ability learners – something that will make the next school year better for students AND teachers.

Check out this exciting summer schedule!

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