Upcoming Webinar: Objective Decisions on Grade Acceleration

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 12, 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

The Iowa Acceleration Scale (IAS) has been successfully used by educators and administrators throughout the country since 1998 to objectively determine if a student would benefit from whole-grade acceleration.  The IAS guides a child study team (including educators, teachers, parents, and other professionals) through a discussion of the academic and social characteristics of the student.  Dr. Susan Assouline, lead author of the Iowa Acceleration Scale, will lead this Webinar, exploring the instrument and answering your questions.

The Webinar  (or DVD option) is required to enroll in the available credit option; the online credit will explore challenges to acceleration, as well as alternatives to whole-grade acceleration.  Participants will go through the process utilized in the IAS*.

The cost for either the Webinar or a DVD of is $45 (the cost for both is $55).

More information and the link to registration is available at belinblank.org/webinar  


Academic credit is available. Automatic tuition scholarship (50% of graduate tuition, or $226, for one semester hour). Contact Laurie-Croft@uiowa.edu.

* The Iowa Acceleration Scale Manual can be purchased through the Belin-Blank Center for less than the cost at most other outlets.  Please contact Rachelle-Blackwell@uiowa.edu (or 800-336-6463 / 319-335-6148) for details.  One copy of the form used to complete the scale will be provided at no cost to those who purchase the manual through the Center.

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