Invent Iowa–And Wherever You Live

Great post! We’d like to add that registration is open now.


inventiowaguideIf you had to suddenly name five creative people, who would come to mind? Artists? Musicians? Scientists? Almost certainly, at least one of the people you named would be an inventor. Helping students learn more about inventing, and the processes for developing their own inventions is a wonderful way for students to both learn about, and experience, creativity. If you are interested in teaching about inventing, but hesitate at the thought of planning curriculum around it, hesitate no further. Invent Iowa has a free guidebook just for you! Invent Iowa, a program of the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa, is designed to support talented young inventors and their teachers. Of course, if you live in Iowa, you can investigate the program itself. But if not, you can benefit from the extensive teaching materials, generously available for download. Just click, and you can download the full Curriculum Guideā€¦

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