Gifted Kids Can Benefit from Counseling

Whatever your involvement with bright students, our upcoming webinar can help you understand the research and best practices for working with them.

Counseling in Gifted Education: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
Drs. Megan Foley Nicpon and Susannah Wood
January 30, 4:30 – 6:00 PM
Counseling is considered an integral part of the “whole child” approach to working with gifted children. This webinar session will a) provide a historical overview of counseling the gifted; b) highlight 10 major areas of research related to counseling the gifted individual; and c) apply these findings via recommendations for practice for counselors, teachers and administrators.

Learn more and register.

2 responses to “Gifted Kids Can Benefit from Counseling

  1. Is it possible to pay for the webinar but listen at a later time? What time zone will it be 4:30?

    Also your registration form does not accept info from outside the US – how do I register from Australia? And I have no info for some of the “required fields” – do I just type ‘nil’ — many thanks

  2. For listening to the webinar at a later time, we recommend ordering the DVD. The webinar is held at 4:30 CST, and it looks like that is 9:30 AM the next day in Sydney.

    And that’s a good point – we’ll need to fix that, but for now, I would recommend typing both your state and country in the “Country” field and leaving the state set to “Alabama.” And that works for us as far as the required field!

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