AP Report to the Nation: Highlighting Iowa

The Iowa Online Advanced Placement (APTM) Academy allows Iowa students to take APTM classes online. The Iowa Online AP Academy is especially meant for rural schools that do not have the resources to support APTM classes. Educators can learn more here.

The 10th Annual APTM Report to the Nation was published this February, bringing with it positive news on the expansion of APTM. In the past decade, the number of U.S. students enrolled in courses—around 500,000 students in 2003—has almost doubled to a million in 2013. Another exciting finding is the number of participating students who come from low-income families has quadrupled in the past ten years to a total of about 275,000 students now.

Looking at Iowa specifically, student involvement in APTM has grown from about 3,000 Iowa students to over 5,700 since 2003. Students who score highly on the exam—or who receive a 3 or higher—has jumped about 1,500 students in that time frame as well.

College Board reported some of the recent great growths Iowa has made include our state’s commitment to teacher development and targeted assistance to traditionally underserved schools. For teachers seeking opportunities through the Belin-Blank Center, we recommend looking into our summer AP Teacher Training Institute.

At the same time, College Board notes that nearly 300,000 students in the 2013 graduating class who had the potential to take APTM did not take advantage of these opportunities. For some of these students, there continue to be obstacles that stand in the way of access and opportunity—like we discussed a few weeks ago for Black Male Achievement Week and we often reference with respect to rurality. As APTM develops further, we will strive alongside schools and districts to increase the program’s accessibility to all high-achieving students.

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