Acceleration, Wilderness, and Everything In Between

While attending COGE at the University of New South Wales, Belin-Blank Center Director Susan Assouline met Jake Widjaya, who presented about his experiences as a gifted student with a limb difference.  He was accelerated, and he writes in TableAus, the magazine of Australian Mensa about his experiences participating in a wilderness program while two years younger than the other students.

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One response to “Acceleration, Wilderness, and Everything In Between

  1. Hans Harapan, Woodbury, MN. USA

    I met Jake when he was in Kindergarten, only one time – for less than a few hours during a family visit in Sydney, and I noticed something special about Jake Widjaya. He was attentive, analytical, a good listener and genuinely interested in what I had to say.. about everything..! We made a connection instantly as I love people who listen and analyze concepts rather than letting the opportunity pass-by without challenge or interest, which are the case with most kids his age and most adults, too..! I am a proud uncle who lives in the US who never had the luxury of connecting with Jake. I am glad that he is being challenged by intelligent professionals and excellent teachers in your program. Love you, Jake..! May you excel to join the Stephen Hawking’s Team of geniuses some day..!
    Uncle Hans

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