Teachers: It’s Time for AP Training

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It is not too late to register for the Advanced Placement Teacher Training Institute (APTTI) at the Belin-Blank Center! APTTI provides teachers with training opportunities for development and teaching of AP curriculum. This year, APTTI will be held on July 7-10 on the University of Iowa campus. Early registration closes on June 27. The following courses still have openings:

  • AP Biology: This course will cover various topics, including ecology, cellular processes, and genetics and information transfer. Course Instructor: Shari Cohen
  • AP Chemistry: This class will focus on content, lab work, and inquiry-based learning, as well as recent AP course revisions. Course Instructor: Jennifer Cook Miller
  • AP Environmental Science: Various topics will be covered through hands-on lab activities and discussions. Course Instructor: Andrew Milbauer
  • AP Spanish: This course will include discussion of second language acquisition, classroom applications, and familiarization with the AP Spanish exam. Course Instructor: Daniel Bender
  • AP US Government: Topics covered will include strategies for class set up and teaching, integration of law-related materials into government curriculum, and information about the AP US Government exam. Course Instructor: Brian Stevens
  • AP Calculus AB/BC: This course will cover topics covered in first-year college-level calculus and strategies for structuring high school AP Calculus courses. Course Instructor: Rosemary Gundacker

For more information, please visit the APTTI website.

Limited financial assistance for APTTI is available. Please contact the Belin-Blank Center for more information.

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