Meet Our Friend, Aura the Turkey Vulture

In a first (as far as we know!) at the Belin-Blank Center, a turkey vulture has been adopted in our name.

DSC_0004_edited DSC_0006_edited

ChESS teacher Lisa Hall has long requested that for her birthday, instead of gifts, her family adopt a raptor at the Macbride Raptor Project‘s display at Macbride Nature Recreation Area.  This year, she chose to adopt a raptor in the name of the Belin-Blank Center.  Aura (pictured above), like all of the raptors living in the display, is not able to survive in the wild on her own due to injuries, birth defects, or other problems.

Ms. Hall also arranged for a visit from a screech owl and a kestrel, both from Macbride, during her Exploring Life ChESS class:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to Ms. Hall and the Macbride Raptor Project!

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