Welcome to the Iowa Online AP Academy!

Last week kicked off the official start of Iowa Online AP Academy (IOAPA) courses. IOAPA programming has provided high school students in Iowa with Advanced Placement opportunities since 2001. Whether you’re new to AP or a 13-year veteran, check out some of our posts you may have missed this summer.

In May, we discussed exam preparation and wrap-up, including how to prepare students for the upcoming school year. In May, the Belin-Blank Center also published the 2014 Iowa AP Index, which recognizes the efforts of schools to provide AP opportunities to students (the full list can be found here).

In June, we highlighted ways that students can prepare for AP classes during the summer. We also wrote about ways in which AP courses apply to college coursework and different opportunities available for professional development.

July kicked off with APTTI, a professional development institute for AP teachers hosted by the Belin-Blank Center where we highlighted resources available for AP teachers. We also discussed the increasing prevalence of online courses and how online AP classes can aid in preparation for these opportunities.

In preparation for the fall, we also highlighted past posts for mentors. We also discussed the role that IOAPA plays in providing different opportunities to rural students.

If you’re looking for more topics we’ve covered in the past, feel free to check out our posts archive (select Iowa Online AP Academy from the drop down category menu on the right side of the page). Look for more weekly posts on student and teacher resources, important dates, and support for mentors, teachers, and students this fall!

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