Thinking About Advanced Coursework for Spring?

As the semester winds down and we prepare for spring Iowa Online AP Academy registration next week, students might be thinking more about what their options are. We discussed some of the many options that high school students have for advanced coursework earlier this semester. Why might AP classes be the right choice for students?

  • AP courses are nationally recognized. Because AP courses are administered by The College Board, class standards are consistent regardless of where or how you complete the course. Receiving AP exam credit demonstrates a certain level of proficiency that colleges and universities can then use to determine placement. Also, it’s easy to determine how credits might transfer regardless of where you attend college using the database managed by The College Board.
  • Colleges like AP. Researchers in higher education have found relationships between AP participation and achievement, readiness, and completion of college. Reporting a commitment to academic challenge like taking AP courses early on reflects positively on students’ drive to succeed post-high school.
  • Online AP courses offer unique challenges. In addition to the rigor of AP courses, Iowa Online AP Academy students learn how to navigate a virtual learning environment, manage time with other commitments, and advocate for their educational needs. The Iowa Online AP Academy is a great learning environment for online courses because it provides high school students with additional structure as they familiarize with the differences in how online courses are structured and administered. As college student enrollment in online courses increases, having early experiences with the nuances of online coursework prepares students for this unique learning situation.
  • Iowa Online AP Academy courses allow for flexibility in learning. Iowa Online AP Academy courses fit into your academic schedule so that you can take classes in subjects of interest to you. Because classes are built into your existing day, it can be easier to complete rather than trying to fit in one more thing. This can be a great asset for students who have limited time to pursue other advanced learning opportunities.

Learn more about opportunities through the Iowa Online AP Academy by checking out past blog posts or visiting

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