ReInvent Invent Iowa

Since Invent Iowa is on hiatus this year while we revamp the program, this mom and her sons have been brainstorming some great ideas for a new and improved Invent Iowa!

We recently wrapped up data collection to move forward with improving and updating Invent Iowa. The next phase will be to create a working group in order to start implementing the changes, and we would love to have your help! If you are interested in working with us to re-invent Invent Iowa please contact either Lori Ihrig ( or Ashlee Van Fleet ( for more information!

Mother to Invention

Invent iowa curriculm guideThe boys and I were talking about Invent Iowa tonight. For 27 years, the Invent Iowa program has encouraged students to creatively think and solve problems through the invention process. It’s a great learning experience! There are competitions held in the school and throughout Iowa every year. This year, though, the competition is taking a “hiatus” much to the disappointment to my kids, who were planning to enter something. The program is undergoing some internal review.

That got us talking though about the kinds of inventions that are typically submitted. There have been some great ones for sure! Take these from 2013’s competition.

  • Clayton Nurre and Griffin Maloney – Cleat Cleaner
  • Avery Tauke and Connor Mullis – EZ Hookup
  • Maria Hendrickson – Hold Your Horses
  • Alexandra Poremba – Ocean Breathe
  • Caylee Will, Jayden Cavanaugh, Allison Ryan, Madison Davis, Anna Ford, Hannah Dunlop, Addison Smith, Leah Pitts, Meredith Ellis –…

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