Become a Better GT Teacher in Your PJs

Teachers and Gifted Coordinators:

Are you interested in learning more about mathematically talented students?  Are there students in your school who are really good at math, but you are not quite sure what to do with them? This online course is designed specifically for you!

Math Programming for High-Ability Students (EDTL:4022:0WKA or PSQF:4122:0WKA)
Develop strategies for assessment of mathematically talented students and how to implement appropriate programs for them. Mathematics/math education background is not required. Discuss the myths surrounding mathematical talent, learn about the wide variety of educational program options and how to select the best ones for your students, and investigate how to adjust the  curriculum to meet their needs.

  • Instructor: Dr. Ann Lupkowski Shoplik
  • Dates & Time: January 26 – February 13.  Course is conducted online, students log in at their convenience at least twice a week.
  • Text:  Developing Math Talent, by Susan Assouline & Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik (Prufrock Press).

Registration instructions and information about other professional learning opportunities this semester are available on our website.

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