Have Questions About IOAPA?

IOAPAAre you interested in learning more about Iowa Online AP Academy courses? Are you a current IOAPA student or educator looking for answers? There are a lot of sources of information in addition to this blog to check for other information about our programs.

IOAPA website: The IOAPA website is the best place to find information about deadlines, course details, and information about other Belin-Blank Center programs. Don’t forget to check out our newly updated IOAPA FAQs and videos for answers!

Twitter: We use IOAPA Administrator Kristin Flanary’s Twitter account to keep everyone updated on new blog posts, dates and deadlines, as well as important information and articles related to AP news. You can follow us at @kflanaryIOAPA.  For general Belin-Blank Center news, you can also follow @belinblank.

Facebook: Our Facebook page highlights various events, programs, and other activities happening at the Belin-Blank Center. Check it out to learn more about the wide variety of options for students of all ages!

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