Do You Have Middle School Students Interested in IOAPA?

If so, it’s important for them to sign up for testing now to start the selection process!

As we mentioned in January, we have been piloting select courses to interested high-achieving middle school students through the Iowa Online AP Academy. Next year, the program will expand to all high-ability Iowa students in grades 6 to 8, and will include full-year and semester-length courses.

IOAPA courses for middle school students are not AP courses, but they are intended to prepare students for AP content.

Because our middle school IOAPA classes are both academically rigorous and rely on an online delivery method, it is critical that schools select students for whom this program will be a good fit. We have developed the following criteria for students considering this option:

  1. Students should score at or above the 50th percentile on an above-level test (such as the Explore test for 6th graders or the ACT for 7th-8th graders). The Belin-Blank Center offers several above-level testing days in the spring, so if you have students who might be interested in these courses this fall, it is important to pass on this information now so they can register for testing in time to have their scores back by the course registration period in late spring.  Parents can visit for more information.
  2. Students should score at or above the 95th percentile on a grade-level standardized test taken within the last year (such as the Iowa Assessments).  This is also the recommended guideline for participating in above-level testing as mentioned above.

Other factors for consideration include teacher and parent support of the student’s readiness for advanced online coursework, relevant past/current coursework that would aid in completion of the online course, and other test scores documenting high ability.

We still have a few dates available for above-level testing (criteria 1) this spring and early summer. More information about above-level testing as well as testing dates can be found on our website. Check out the IOAPA middle school page for more information about this exciting opportunity for middle school students!

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