Staying the Course through Senioritis: How IOAPA Mentors Can Encourage Students

Senioritis is not a new topic—most everyone has heard of the loss of motivation and anticipation of graduation that arrives for many seniors in their final semester of high school. For many students, their lack of interest can directly impact coursework, and for Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy (IOAPA) classes, this can be especially problematic. How can mentors encourage IOAPA students to stay focused?

  • Remind students about the importance of planning ahead. We’ve talked a lot about the importance of planning and organization in IOAPA classes, and for students who are ready to graduate, this can become even more important. If your students have not already created a game plan, developing one for the rest of the semester can be a helpful way for students to know what’s coming up in their courses.
  • Check in frequently. Spring semester is generally busy for students, and the addition of pre-college activities, such as senior activities and college visits, can start to add up. Working with your students to ensure that they have a plan for making up missed work can be one way to help them stay on track.
  • Encourage your students to take AP Exams in their IOAPA courses. Having a goal that directly applies to future plans can be helpful for some students in encouraging motivation and progress in their courses. We’ve covered some great reasons to take AP Exams here on our blog over the last few months.
  • Remind students that their final semester of high school does count for college—as the College Board notes, colleges and universities can rescind their offers of admission if students do not complete or pass all their courses, including AP courses.

Although senioritis is often a normal part of transitioning from high school to college, it does not have to mean that students have to succumb to the desire to do nothing. With appropriate goals and good support, success is possible while still enjoying some of the privileges that comes with impending graduation. More information about working through senioritis can be found here.

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