Looking for Something Awesome to Do on a Saturday?

DSC_0051Are you interested in using different techniques to create artwork? What about the science of food and how our body uses it? Do you enjoy performing and making people laugh? Or are you captivated by studying optical illusions? Come to the Belin-Blank Center for WINGS on March 28! To learn more and register, click on one of the classes below:

The Paintings of Joan Miro (Grades 2 through 4)

In this class we will be experiencing the artwork of Joan Miro’. We will explore his technique, media, use of color, and subject matter. We will also be using Joan Miro’s artwork as an inspiration to create different art projects reflecting his vision and palette.  Read more…

The Science of Food (Grades 4 through 6)

What is food really? We will take a look at the four major molecules that make up our bodies and talk about how we acquire all those components into our bodies. Did you know that we eat some food just because our bodies need to break and re-form the bonds that hold the food atoms together?  Read more…

Beginning Improv: Short-form Performance (Grades 6 through 8)

A “Whose Line is it Anyway” style class for young performers! Students will practice teamwork and problem solving in a high-energy, physical environment. Anything can happen in improv, and we will explore methods that encourage interaction, freedom, and fun within the framework of short-form games. Read more…

Optical Illusions (Grades 2 through 4)

If you think everything you see is real, then join this class to challenge your ideas! In this class you will experience many captivating optical illusions. Then, you will explore the best scientific explanations we have for why and how the illusions work.  Read more…

We hope to see you soon!  Visit belinblank.org/wings for more information.

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