A Nation Empowered Goes to Washington

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Susan Assouline and Ann Lupkowski Shoplik presented “From a Nation Deceived to a Nation Empowered” at the annual state affiliate conference sponsored by the National Association for Gifted Children in Washington, DC.  Attendees from 28 states (Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, and Hawaii, to name a few) were excited to hear about the new publication, A Nation Empowered, which is due out in just a few weeks!


They were already familiar with the important information about academic acceleration shared in A Nation Deceived (published in 2004) and were eager for an update.

Susan and Ann explained some of the research findings, including longitudinal studies documenting how successful accelerated students were compared to equally-able non-accelerants.  They shared some of the details about how to make good decisions about accelerating a specific student and described the resources found on the Acceleration Institute website. Participants were especially interested in the resources found in the Educators section and the Policymakers section.

Are you excited for the new report?  Sign up to be notified when the report is available at nationempowered.org!

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