Professional Learning with the Belin-Blank Center

Summer 2013 1552Summer is an exciting time at the Center—for gifted and talented children AND for those who support their learning in schools. Over the summer, the Belin-Blank Center is offering 15 different classes, almost as many as are offered in fall and spring semesters together!

If you are interested in the flexibility of online learning, you’ll find 8 one-hour courses about different topics in the “Psychology of Giftedness” strand, the “Programming for the Gifted” strand, and the practicum experience. The first class begins on June 8; the last begins on July 27. All online classes last for three weeks, and all address standards in gifted education developed by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and the Council for Exceptional Children – The Association for Gifted (CEC-TAG).

If you prefer face-to-face interaction with others who are working in schools to support the needs of gifted and talented learners, join us for the Belin-Blank Chautauqua, back by popular demand. The Chautauqua movement was popular at the turn of the 20th Century, and it emphasized opportunities for adult learning—and community with others with shared interests. Each Belin-Blank Chautauqua features 3 one-hour classes per week, each lasting for 2 days on campus, with materials available online. Chautauqua I is offered from July 13 – 18, and includes classes in the Psychology and Programming strands. Chautauqua II is offered from July 20 – 25, and includes classes in the Psychology, Programming, and Administration of Gifted Programs strands. You can enroll in one class or all 6; all face-to-face workshops also address national standards in gifted education. Those who enroll for graduate credit in all 3 classes during either week of Chautauqua receive an automatic scholarship for the tuition for 1 class (those who enroll in all 6 classes during both Chautauqua weeks receive an automatic scholarship for the tuition for 2 classes). Limited housing at Burge Residence Hall is available for those staying at least 1 week.

The Advanced Placement Teacher Training Institute (APTTI) , July 6 – 10, provides a comprehensive exploration of the Advanced Placement program; participants can choose from 13 content areas. The optional academic credit provides 2 hours in the Programming strand. Participants in APTTI receive an automatic 50% tuition scholarship off the cost of graduate tuition; participants who also enroll in the online Differentiation at the Secondary Level for 1 credit hour will also receive an automatic 50% tuition scholarship. Limited housing at Burge Residence Hall is also available for APTTI.

Join our professional learning community this summer. You can find more details on our website.

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