An Abundance of Resources Available at the Acceleration Institute

The Acceleration Institute website has been completely redone in order to provide information to educators, parents, policymakers, and researchers in the most user-friendly manner possible. The website is organized so people from those four constituent groups can easily find the resources that are most pertinent to their needs. For example, the policymakers’ page points to information about developing acceleration policies and provides examples of policies written by various states and school districts.  The researchers’ page supplies links to the research evidence and summarizes individual studies so those interested can decide where they want to dig deeper.

Parents often contact us asking for evidence supporting acceleration. Not only do they want to read the research studies, but also they want to see examples of acceleration applied to individual students. That information is conveniently found on the parents’ page.  It includes many stories of acceleration from individual students and parents, as well as examples of how schools have implemented acceleration. These stories resonate with people, because they put a “face” on the research.

Educators concerned about making good decisions for specific students can feel confident in their decisions if they take advantage of additional resources cited on the educators’ page. For example, the Iowa Acceleration Scale is designed to help guide the conversation about whole-grade acceleration, and IDEAL Solutions offers information for those thinking about subject matter acceleration in STEM subjects.

All-in-all, educators, parents, policymakers, and researchers can find many appropriate resources on We look forward to your feedback on the new website!

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