IOAPA: Connecting with AP and the Belin-Blank Center This Summer

Now that AP exams and Iowa Online AP Academy (IOAPA) courses are wrapping up, what are the next steps for IOAPA mentors and AP teachers to take before fall? Here are a few suggestions for how to prepare for AP next year!

Right Now

After AP exams are finished, the College Board releases free response items from this year’s exam. Discussion of these items and how students responded can be a great learning opportunity for your students, and can help them engage with how to prepare for future AP exams.

Some schools choose to celebrate AP success by hosting special lunches or receptions to honor students for their hard work. Make sure your students know that you recognize their hard work!

AP exam scores will be released in July. Make sure that your students have their College Board account set up so that they can access their scores promptly!

This Summer

A great way for teachers to continue to learn about AP course content and development is to participate in an AP Summer Institute. These institutes are designed to give teachers information about their area of interest and to help teachers develop their syllabus in preparation for the AP course audit process. The Belin-Blank Center is hosting an AP institute on July 6-10—more information can be found on our website.

Summer is also a great time to ensure that all of your paperwork is completed for IOAPA courses for next year. This includes re-registering your school and submitting your IOAPA mentor form from the IOAPA handbook.

Educators might also be interested in attending the AP Annual Conference on July 22-26, 2015.

For students looking ahead to next year, this post provides some helpful suggestions for students looking to jump start their AP experiences.

Interested in learning more about IOAPA opportunities for students? Check out our website for more information about online learning for middle and high school students.

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