Teachers: What Are You Doing this Summer?


If you are looking for professional learning experiences, the Belin-Blank Center has them!  We are offering a series of one-semester-hour classes this summer for Iowa teachers as well as teachers living outside the state of Iowa. Our classes can help Iowa teachers meet the requirements for the State of Iowa Gifted and Talented Endorsement.  Teachers from other states may be able to use the courses for a state endorsement or for continuing education required by your state.  In the past, many non-Iowa teachers have earned the Iowa Endorsement and had it accepted by their own Department of Education. Some of our classes are offered completely online, some in-person, and some are a combination of the two.

The first completely online class begins on June 8:  Dr. Kristine Milburn is teaching Programming and Curriculum for High-Ability Learners: Real-World Problem Solving—a wonderful way to begin the summer!  Be aware, though, that the class is almost filled already…. Dr. Milburn was a recipient of the A. Harry Passow Classroom Teacher Scholarship Award from NAGC, recognizing her excellence in teaching gifted students!

You can find our schedule here:  http://www2.education.uiowa.edu/belinblank/educators/Courses/Schedule.aspx.  We list the courses by “strand,” first, so you know what we’re offering that pertains to the psychology of giftedness, programming for the gifted, and administration/policy related to gifted education, and then we list them in chronological order.

We are offering our Belin-Blank Center Chautauqua again this summer!  While all of these classes have an online component, Chautauqua I and Chautauqua II offer three classes each week with an opportunity to interact with the instructor, as well as with colleagues, about the content.  Last year’s participants said:

  • “I felt that this class was a good use of my time. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge gained and learning opportunity!!”
  • “This was a very informative class, and it provided me with a lot of valuable information I can use in the classroom.”
  • “You created an amazing class and I wish it was longer. I learned so much and hope to take another class from you!”
  • “So helpful. I wish we had the class five years ago! This would have provided some direction at creating a plan regarding the direction of our program. I may suggest our new coordinator take this class online. Thank you.”

Chautauqua also offers an automatic tuition scholarship:  participants who enroll at the graduate level for all three Chautauqua workshops in either week—or both—receive an automatic tuition scholarship from the Belin-Blank Center for one of the three classes (three workshops for the cost of two; six for the cost of four).

As well, Chautauqua offers some limited housing next door to the Belin-Blank Center in Burge Residence Hall—you can read more about this at http://www2.education.uiowa.edu/belinblank/educators/Courses/Schedule.aspx, or you can contact Melissa Keeling at Melissa-keeling@uiowa.edu or 800-336-6463.  Dr. Ann Shoplik will be available in the evenings for Chautauqua “chats” on gifted education topics of your choice!

The schedule this summer ends with a fully online “Special Topics” class:  EDTL:4096:0WKB Writing for High Ability Learners, from July 27 – August 14;  it was just announced yesterday that Dr. Jennifer Croft received a PEN/Heim Translation Award, recognizing her talent in both writing and translation.

To enroll for classes this summer, review the information provided here:  http://www2.education.uiowa.edu/belinblank/educators/Courses/Schedule.aspx.  You’ll need to apply as a Continuing Education Distance Student—if you’re only taking courses this summer, you can enroll as a “workshop” student.

We hope to work with you or your colleagues this summer!  Even if you don’t need classes for the endorsement, you might want to expand your personal teaching “toolkit” with something we’re offering!  Let me know if you have any questions about professional learning opportunities through the Belin-Blank Center.

Laurie J. Croft, Ph.D. laurie-croft@uiowa.edu

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