Teachers: Are You Thinking About Fall AP?

Summer may have just started, but it’s never too early to begin thinking about Advanced Placement planning for next year. Whether you are a new or veteran AP teacher or IOAPA mentor, the College Board has several resources in place to help teachers prepare for upcoming AP courses.

  • Is your course changing? The College Board works to provide updated course materials and information to ensure that AP courses remain good options for students seeking higher-level or college-preparatory coursework. This results in course changes every so often. In 2015-2016, AP Art History, AP European History, and AP Research are all being updated. The Advances in AP website is a great resource for teachers looking to implement new changes into their existing AP courses.
  • New to AP? The AP Course Audit helps teachers develop courses consistent with the standards set by the College Board. This process involves submitting a syllabus for the specific course. More information and support for the audit can be found on the College Board’s website.
  • Looking to learn more about teaching AP courses? There are several College Board-approved Advanced Placement Summer Institutes, including the Advanced Placement Teacher Training Institute at the University of Iowa. These institutes are taught by certified and experienced consultants to help teachers prepare for their AP classes, whether new or returning. To learn more about APTTI and the seminars offered this year, visit belinblank.org/aptti.
  • Are your students interested in AP opportunities that your school does not offer? Don’t forget about IOAPA! Registration for next year is still ongoing, and we have a wide variety of courses available, including our new advanced courses for middle school students and our new computer science course. For more information, visit belinblank.org/ioapa.

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