Resources for IOAPA Mentors and Students

We are excited to welcome our students, mentors, and site coordinators to another great year of online classes! This year, IOAPA has again partnered with Apex Learning Virtual School (AVLS) to offer higher-level classes at the high school and middle school levels. Often, additional questions arise about the online AP class process, ALVS system, and information about IOAPA. The following documents can be a good starting point for facilitating and completing IOAPA classes.

ALVS AP Resources for Mentors and Site Coordinators

ALVS AP Resources:  This document provides information about policies, suggestions for site coordinators, and tools for mentors in order to ensure student success.

ALVS AP Resources for Students

ALVS Student Resources: Students can access tips and suggestions about how to maximize their AP Online experience, as well as Apex policies and procedures.

Additional information about Apex AP courses can be found on their website.

College Board Resources for Teachers

The College Board coordinates Advanced Placement classes and offers several ways for teachers to connect and learn more about AP courses. The search tool can be a great resource for teachers when looking for specific information related to AP.

AP Teacher Communities are another great way for teachers to connect with other AP teachers and learn about AP teaching.

Visit AP Central for more information related to AP.

IOAPA Resources

IOAPA offers several great resources for administration of our classes as well. In addition to our staff, we have an IOAPA handbook which is a great starting point for questions related to IOAPA. We also manage a Twitter account (@kflanaryIOAPA) which can be a great source of additional information that may be of interest to AP teachers and students.

IOAPA also offers professional development training for teachers interested in improving their AP teaching skills over the summer. Information about APTTI is generally released in February or March.

For more information about IOAPA, please visit our website at

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