A New Lit Magazine Comes to the University of Iowa

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A new literary magazine is on scene in our City of Literature!: [B]lack [A]rts; [R]eal [S]tories (BARS) “is an initiative to capture and share the Black voices on campus that are often muted.” We caught up with the Chief Editor of Non-Fiction, Matthew Bruce, one of a handful of students behind the scenes at BARS (Mr. Bruce is an exceptional student in the Iowa Talent Project here at the Belin-Blank Center, one of our university programs that recruits and supports talented and gifted students from groups typically underrepresented within higher education). We asked him what advice he would give to young black writers. Here’s what he had to say:

Matthew Bruce, Chief Editor of Non-fiction

My advice to young black writers is to explore and consume as much as possible. That means reading everything you can; articles, op-ed pieces, novels, essays, etc. That means listening to music; exploring new music and really examining the…

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