IOAPA: Notes for Success

For many students, taking notes may be second nature, but have you ever really thought about how to take notes? Rather than noting every word, consider some note-taking strategies to try with your Iowa Online AP Academy classes!

Why take notes? Taking notes during class can be a good way to focus your attention on the important information presented by the instructor. In addition, high school is a great time to develop a strategy that works for you prior to the increased information presented in college courses.

For the basics: This site discusses the important things to consider when developing a note-taking strategy that works for you. When developing a note-taking strategy, it is also important to take notes consistently once you develop a strategy that works for you. This makes studying and reviewing notes much easier.

Getting specific: Did you know that there are several different methods of note-taking intended to make reviewing easier? One of the most popular, the Cornell method, divides your paper into sections devoted to different topics, naturally organizing and creating a topical index for quick review when needed. Outlining is another popular strategy that can be easily adapted based on the topic, and may be particularly useful for classes that require charts or equations. Visual learners may appreciate mapping strategies to organize information hierarchically.

For more information, the following site also may be of help: University of Iowa Counseling Services note-taking information

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