Have You Heard? Invent Iowa is Back!


Head over to belinblank.org/inventiowa and check out all the information about the State Invention Convention!  As you explore the site, you will find information about the revamped Invent Iowa program, a timeline with important dates and other helpful resources.

If you have any questions regarding Invent Iowa, please email Ashlee at ashlee-vanfleet@uiowa.edu.

4 responses to “Have You Heard? Invent Iowa is Back!

  1. Just a friendly heads up… some of the links aren’t working. Spanish version- not working. A number of links in the ‘Resources’ section as well. Might be an idea to give a check over to any items one may click on- just to make sure that links are not broken.. ;-) Leslinks

  2. ;-D.. Your very welcome.. I could see the Spanish Version being quite useful to a number of people I know, so would love to have it working so they could access it.. ;-)… Leslinks

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