Coming to ITAG? Check Out Our IOAPA Presentations!

Governor Branstad has declared October 18-24 Gifted Education Week in Iowa in conjunction with the Iowa Talented and Gifted Association Annual Conference. This year’s ITAG conference will be held in Des Moines, Iowa on October 19-20, 2015 and is focused on the theme of “The Core Challenge: Building Options and Breaking Barriers”. IOAPA and the Belin-Blank Center are excited to share ways that the Belin-Blank Center rises up to the Core Challenge, and have several presentations related to this theme. Check out our presentation topics below (IOAPA presentations are marked with an *). We hope to see you there!

Monday, 10:00-10:50:

  • *Comparing Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment, and PSEO for Iowa Students (Iowa C)
  • Academic Acceleration: Influencing Perceptions through Exposure (Boardroom 1 & 2)

Monday, 11:05-11:55:

  • Building Options with the Belin-Blank Center (Ballroom South)

Monday, 2:35-3:25:

  • *I Have an IOAPA Student…Now What? (Iowa C)
  • A Teacher’s Guide to Twice Exceptionality (Ballroom South)

Tuesday, 2:30-3:20:

  • Acceleration and STEM: Evidence Trumps Excuses for Holding Students Back (Iowa E)

Interested in all the options ITAG has to offer? View more information about the conference here. For more information about IOAPA, visit

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