Take Graduate Classes in Your PJs!

Dec15_slippersThe Belin-Blank Center offers a variety of online courses in gifted education.  The cost of courses starts at $280 (undergraduate credit), and you can register for one or more classes.  There is no travel requirement, and all online courses can be completed at home.  Learn about gifted education when and where it’s convenient for you!

Spring 2016 courses include:

  • Academic Acceleration (3 credits)
  • Identification of Students for Gifted Programs (3 credits)
  • Curriculum Concepts in Gifted Education (3 credits)
  • Administrative & Policy Issues (2 credits)
  • Cluster Grouping for Gifted Students (2 credits)
  • Reading for High Ability Learners (1 credit)
  • Personal Learning Plans (1 credit)
  • Nurturing the Potential of Twice-Exceptional Students (1 credit)

Ready to get started? More details at: belinblank.org/educators

New students should visit belinblank.org/EdReg and follow the
directions to register as a continuing education student.

You need a computer and a reliable internet connection. Many courses
provide all necessary course materials. For others, you will need to
purchase one or two books.

2 responses to “Take Graduate Classes in Your PJs!

  1. What is the cost per credit for renewal of my teaching license ?

  2. The cost depends on how you register. The least-expensive option is usually to register as an undergraduate and take only workshop courses (course number will be followed by something like :0WKA or :0WKB). Scholarships may also be available for some workshops.

    If you do not yet have a Master’s degree plus 30 hours, it may be worth it to register as a graduate student. It’s more expensive, but it may help you “move up” your salary schedule. Scholarships for graduate students are more substantial to help defer the additional cost.

    You can calculate your projected tuition here: https://www.maui.uiowa.edu/maui/pub/tuition/projection.page
    For College, select Division of Continuing Education; Tuition Group should be either 13005 Continuing Education Distance Undergraduate or 13007 Continuing Education Distance Graduate (depending on your choice). You’ll notice that the projection website above adds a technology fee, but this fee *doesn’t* apply for workshops.

    You can also contact Laurie Croft (laurie-croft@uiowa.edu) if cost is a barrier for you.

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