How Can You Support Your Twice-Exceptional Kids?

On Thursday, February 4 from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., the Belin-Blank Center will host a spring webinar focused on Nurturing the Potential of Twice-Exceptional Students: Practical Guidelines for Understanding and Supporting 2e Students. Presenters include

  • Alissa Doobay, Supervisor, Psychological Services, Assessment and Counseling Clinic, Belin-Blank Center
  • Joy Goins, Staff Psychologist, Assessment and Counseling Clinic, Belin-Blank Center
  • Megan Foley-Nicpon, Associate Director for Research and Clinic, Belin-Blank Center, and Associate Professor, Counseling Psychology Program
  • Susan Assouline, Director, Belin-Blank Center, and Myron & Jacqueline Blank Professor of Gifted Education

The commonly used term for gifted students who also have disabilities is “twice-exceptional,” a simple phrase that does little to suggest the complexities in meeting the needs of twice-exceptional (2e) learners. Participants will explore ways of better understanding and meeting the needs of 2e students, including developing academic strengths and facilitating social-emotional growth.

For those who are interested in earning academic credit, an optional one-semester-hour online workshop will build on the webinar. The academic credit (PSQF:5194:WKA), facilitated by Dr. Doobay and Dr. Laurie Croft, Associate Director for Professional Development and Clinical Associate Professor of Gifted Education, will fulfill an hour in the Psychology Strand required for the State of Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement. The course will extend participants’ understandings of twice-exceptionality, as well as ways to better meet the needs of 2e students, and the content will complement the summer online workshop offered by Dr. Foley-Nicpon, Cognitive and Affective Needs of Gifted Students (PSQF:4126). Those who enroll for academic credit will receive a 50% tuition scholarship off the cost of graduate tuition.

For more information, or to register, visit

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