Spring Into Professional Development

The Belin-Blank Center is providing a number of professional learning opportunities during the spring semester at the University of Iowa. In partnership with the College of Education, the Center provides classes that will meet the requirements for the State of Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are online, and all are aligned with national standards in gifted and talented education.

Three-credit-hour options include

  • the guided independent study, Academic Acceleration (PSQF:4123:0EXZ), providing participants with a self-paced overview of forms of acceleration, as well as the strong research basis for implementing acceleration strategies with high-ability learners. For those working on the endorsement, Academic Acceleration provides one hour in each of three strands (Psychology of Giftedness; Programming for the Gifted; and Administrative Issues in Gifted Education);
  • the semester-based online Identification of Students for Gifted Programs (PSQF:4121:0EXW), emphasizing issues in identifying academic talent (Psychology strand);
  • and the semester-based Curriculum Concepts in Gifted Education (Programming strand), both online (EDTL:4066:0EXA) and in a blended format for full-time students, meeting on campus as well as online (EDTL:4066:0001).

Two-credit-hour options include

  • Topics in Teaching/Learning: Cluster Grouping for Gifted Students (EDTL:4096:0EXW), a new book study revolving around The Cluster Grouping Handbook by Winebrenner and Brulles (Programming strand);
  • Administration and Policy in Gifted Education (EPLS:4110:0EXW), exploring policy, administrative, and evaluation issues critical for the success of gifted programs (Administrative strand).

One-hour workshops* include

  • Reading for High-Ability Students (EDTL:4026:0WKA) in the Programming strand;
  • Topics in Teaching/Learning: Personal Learning Plans and the Gifted Student (EDTL:4096:0WKA), a new course in the Programming strand;
  • Nurturing the Potential of Twice-Exceptional Students: Practical Guidelines for Understanding and Supporting 2e Students (PSQF:5194:0WKA) in the Psychology strand; participation in the Webinar is required (a DVD option is available for those who are unable to participate on February 4, from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.;
  • Leadership in Gifted Education: Nebraska Association for the Gifted, 2016 (PSQF:5194:0WKB for one or two hours), for those who are attending the Nebraska Association for the Gifted Conference in Omaha, NE (Administrative strand).

The practicum experience is available each semester and encourages participants to synthesize other coursework that they have taken in gifted education/talent development. For additional information or for permission to enroll in practicum, contact Dr. Laurie Croft, Associate Director for Professional Development at the Belin-Blank Center, or Ellen Henning, Graduate Assistant for Professional Development.

Learn more about available coursework or how to enroll on our website.

*Workshops—that is, courses designated as “0WKA” or “0WKB”—have no additional fees.

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