Mark Your Calendar!

We have WINGS coming up on March 5! 

Grades 2-4:

You Scream, I Scream! The Science of Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream!? Come learn about the science of ice cream, and maybe even get to do some taste testing!

ice cream


First Contact

We will learn about the Columbian Exchange! From it came many exciting times but also many consequences. Come learn more!


Grades 4-6:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigators!

Come learn how to be a real crime scene investigator by learning how to lift fingerprints and analyze evidence!

magnifying glass

Slam Poetry

Come create and perform a poetry slam with other young writers!


Grades 6-8:

Two Observational Astronomical Instruments

Interested in learning more about astronomy and creating your own refracting telescope? Sign up to take this class!


Visit to learn more and register!

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