Pilot Test the New Test, I-Excel

This spring, the Belin-Blank Center will launch I-Excel, a new online, above-level assessment for high-ability 4th – 6th graders.  I-Excel will help educators identify and tailor programs for academically talented students. I-Excel tests in four areas: science, mathematics, reading, and English.

I-Excel offers the research-supported power of above-level testing in a convenient online format.  Educators receive recommendations for their students based upon the results.  Parents and educators receive an individual student interpretation.

We are pleased to report that I-Excel pilot testing has been an excellent experience for students and educators, and we invite you to consider the opportunity to pilot test I-Excel in your school during February or March. There is no cost for participation in pilot testing. To learn more, visit http://i-excel.org/pilot or contact Ann Shoplik at ann-shoplik@uiowa.edu. For additional information about using I-Excel to identify students for programming, visit www.i-excel.org.

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