IOAPA Fall Registration Opens Today

Registration for Fall 2016 Iowa Online AP Academy courses begins today (April 19) and continues through August  17, 2016. As in past years, schools will need to re-register with IOAPA in order to enroll their students in IOAPA courses. Be sure to check our website for further updates and information about our IOAPA offerings for 2016-2017, including our three new Computer Science courses!

Additionally, we still have online AP exam reviews available for Iowa AP students, even those who did not take a course through IOAPA. This exam review is a great way for both traditional and online AP students to review and prepare for the AP exams in May. Now that exams are quickly approaching, make sure to register to ensure that your AP students have access to this great (free) opportunity! For further information and to register your students, please contact us.



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