A Visual Guide to High School IOAPA Courses

Although Iowa Online AP Academy has been offering Advanced Placement classes to high school students in Iowa since 2001, students and schools often wonder which students may best benefit from certain IOAPA classes. Check out our visual guide to AP classes based on Fall 2015 data below!

With the introduction of our middle school courses in Fall 2015, many students and teachers may still have questions about the types of courses offered by the Iowa Online AP Academy, who these classes might benefit, and how to select students who will be prepared and challenged by online coursework. Based on the information and experiences we have gathered from current and past students, we are excited to provide a visual guide to our high school classes!

If you are looking for more information about IOAPA, visit our website. For a visual guide to our middle school courses, check out last week’s post.

IOAPA Fall 2015 HS Data Infographic

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