Resources for AP Students

One benefit of Advanced Placement courses is that there are plenty of resources specifically designed to align with the course content. We rounded up several of those resources for students to support their AP experience.

  • College Board resources:
    • AP for Students:  This website contains information about AP in general and AP exam scores and credit and placement policies, and is also where students go to access their AP scores from previous years.
    • AP Courses: On this page, you’ll find links to sites for each AP course. These sites include course details and study skills relevant to that particular course. For example, on the AP US History course page, students can access study tips for reading and writing, as well as sample exam questions and tips.
  • Non-College Board resources: Note: These sites are not affiliated with or endorsed by College Board.
    • Albert – Test Prep: This site includes practice exam questions for 27 different AP courses.
    • Study Notes: This website contains chapter outlines and study notes for 7 AP courses.
    • BestAPBooks: This site offers lists of the best books to use to prepare for AP exams in 31 subjects.
  • Twitter accounts:

For IOAPA-related questions, visit or contact us by email. Do you know of other resources for AP students? Tell us in the comments or using #IOAPA.

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