What Will the Next Innovations in Education Be?

Recently, we were lucky enough to host Sally Krisel and Holley Murchison at the Belin-Blank Center!  Sally is President-elect of the National Association for Gifted Children and Director of Innovative and Advanced Programs for Hall County Schools in Gainesville, Georgia.  Holley founded the Hall Pass Tour and Oratory Glory and was an Inspiration Director at The Future Project.

We had a fantastic group discussion about serving high-ability and highly creative students in new ways.  Sally talked about how Hall County Schools created a completely different, interdisciplinary, interest-focused gifted program and the challenges that come with a massive change in a school’s culture.  Holley told us about the common denominator in all of her projects: helping people own their voice.  Whether this happens with a group of students planning a concert for their school or a professional learning how to give a presentation with confidence, it’s all about learning to communicate effectively.   Thanks, Sally and Holley!

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